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What is OpenCart?

OpenCart is an open-source eCommerce platform, which means you can download and update it free of cost. Also, you are not liable to pay any monthly fee for using OpenCart. It comes with a robust store management caliber, which states that you can benefit from its in-built SEO, manage customers, products, coupon codes, tax rules, orders, and more. Moreover, OpenCart allows you to pick exceptional themes and modules to expand your online store’s functionality. Furthermore, the OpenCart users get dedicated commercial or free community support also. OpenCart is known for powering about 471,669+ eCommerce businesses worldwide. You can get the most popular payment gateways and shipping methods integrated with it.

OpenCart Documentation

This guide serves as a resource to users needing direction in navigating the OpenCart interface. We detail the aspects involved with setting up your store: complete with keeping it up to date to the latest version, meeting the technical requirements, accessing the admin panel, and uninstallation. The User Guide covers the essentials tools used for managing your store front through the administration side. We will walk you through the important sections of the administration interface: Catalog, Extensions, Sales, Systems, and Reports. In this area we will cover which part of your store front each section is responsible for, and how you can modify them in the administration side to meet your store’s needs. Important store procedures, such as adding products to your store, keeping track of sales, managing customers, changing layouts, adding extensions, and more is explained in this guide. When you are finished reading this guide, you will be comfortable with using the OpenCart interface to set up your online shop and maintain it over time.

What is OpenCart framework?

What is OpenCart framework? Opencart is an online store management system built using PHP programming language and MySql database. It is a framework and system with many basic shopping store functionalities already integrated.

How do you make money with OpenCart?

Opencart Refer and Earn module allows you to set up referral scheme in your store. The users can earn reward points for referring other users to sign up to your store and invite customer to buy product from referral link. The admin can customize the reward points for the referral users.