One page design

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This design doesn’t allow the user interruption in the web sites. This type of pages has only one page in the websites. There is no forward and reverse option in the one page design. For government pages and the many private pages using this type of design to avoid the user interruption. Instruction web sites and the websites contain only the details designed in the one page design type. The One page web site contain only word file and may contain image files also. But the video files and GIF files are not allowed in the one page design. It is not useful for business sites and many other business related sites. So it is very rarely used by the business people. Blog writer and the government rules are used one page design. It’s also the very important type of the web designing type. The web pages created by this type also used by the people all over the world.

This type of design widely used for the small business and the personal details and the business details are only shows in the web page. The one page design doesn’t contain any video files and Gif files. And no other sub page links sub pages. One page design may contain one image file. But the pie charts and the other inputs are not allowed.

This type of design doesn’t allow other users to write thing in the website. That makes the website safer and that saves the website. No one can misuse the website created in the one page design. This is the most cost effective design. The government page rules and the business only need one page that is used. Many places that is used only as a temporary page.