Car Booking Software

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Car Booking Software

The car booking software will enable you to easily manage online reservations, automatically tracking available vehicles, and setting up flexible rates for a different season. Fleet Management also comes easy where you can set up and manage vehicle classes as per your need.

Benefits of Car Booking Software

Create quotation quickly.
Know the car availability anytime.
Facilitate employee communication in one platform.
Detect any damaged or lost items.
Access to information anytime and anywhere.
Choosing the right software for your car rental business.

Features in Car Booking Software

1.Facilitate Automated Check-in and Checkout
Booking management is the most basic function of a car rental software. The application should be advanced enough so that the client can make online reservations instead of physically taking efforts.From taking down the basic contact details of the customer to information like duration and destinations of the ride, time and date, negotiation of prices — the software must be able to handle all these operations in a fast, efficient and reliable manner.

2.Allow online cancellation
On one hand, while the software automates the booking process, it should also look into swift cancellation of rides, if the customer demands it.It should also ensure that both the company as well as the customer are on the same page concerning the ride. It should also look into penalizing a consumer if there are repeated, unjust cancellations.

3.Should incorporate advanced search filters to ease the booking process
The search filters allow the renters to search according to their preferences at the fastest time possible.The customers should have the option to filter their choices on parameters like type of car needed, self-drive, outstation or in-city tour, hours of booking among other details.

4.Should facilitate dynamic pricing; allow comparison
The car tracker should be able to list the rental prices under one table, making it easier for the customers to find their desired vehicle. It should also be able to adjust the rent according to demand, high season rates or promotional prices.It should also allow them to compare one car against another. This gives the passengers room to make the choice, keeping in mind all the factors and costs involved.

5.Driving license, documents verifier and scanner
You wouldn’t want to get tangled in a legal mess because the client has probably forgotten his license during the ride or the document has expired. Digital scanning of the license and documents makes the entire process of renting a vehicle easy.With the application, you can get a scanned copy of the license right at the time of registration and can store it in the database for future journeys of the passengers. Manually keeping a tab on the documents would be a cumbersome process.